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What You Should Know Before Buying A Helium Canister

May 11th, 2011

If you are preparing for an awesome party and you want to have more than a few helium filled balloons then you may want to consider buying a helium canister and inflate the balloons yourself. Depending on how many balloons you are planning on having it could be much cheaper inflating them yourself than buying them already inflated.

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helium canister
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This material will provide you with the necessary knowledge on how to choose the right helium canister and other tips regarding transporting a helium canister and the accessories that you will need in order to inflate the balloons yourself.

Before actually buying a helium canister you will first want to decide on how many balloons you are going to inflate. And not only that but you will also have to know how big will the balloons be. Therefore if you can settle for about 25 large balloons or 50 smaller ones then you will want to look for a 15 cubic feet of helium canister. The price of such a helium canister is around $50, depending on where you buy it. If you decide that you are going to buy this sort of helium canister then you should make sure that it is a disposable one. Also make sure that it has a single nozzle so that it would be easier for you to fill the balloons.

If you will need more balloons then you should get a larger helium canister. For larger canisters you will also need helium regulators and valves so make sure you include those as well in your budget. While the less expensive regulators will look more like ones on the smaller dispensable helium canister, the more expensive ones come with features such as sensing when the balloon has been filled and shuts itself off.

If however you think that buying a helium canister is too expensive you could try renting one. There are many companies out there that offer this kind of service. If you rend a larger canister you may be able to get the needed accessories from the same company as well. If this option is still too expensive for you then you could go for the cheapest option which is purchasing the already inflated balloons. But as you may have already guessed, there are some issues concerning this variant as you will have to transport them from the selling merchant to your home. Also, in the latter case you may end up spending more money if you are planning on getting many balloons. Make sure to calculate which of the variants is best for you before you actually buy anything.